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IEBSI Professional Development

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Background Information

 The IEBSI program (which stands for Inspire Educators to Become STEM Innovators) is a voluntary support program for diverse educators new to CSP Elementary. Participants are assigned a mentor who provides support and guidance for the new employee in the STEM field. Workshops/Professional Development The IEBSI Professional Development series was established in 2016 and provides monthly/quarterly/summer workshops for diverse educators new to our school system. These paid professional development sessions provide teachers with an opportunity to: 


o Gain valuable information to help navigate school’s specific goals and first year to CSP elementary. 

o Connect with diverse educators from across the county 

o Reflect on their personal experiences in our school; and discuss the importance of diversity & inclusion within CSP Elementary   


Please see the flyer below for this year's series topics. This series is only open to current CLF educators. 

CLF Stem Infusion Teacher Training.jpg
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