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Land/Sea/Air Robotics Club

In this program, students will use Robotics to learn engineering design process and programming.

No experience is required.



Basics of using the NXT system

TETRIX/VEX and LEGO building tips and design and build a robot

Basics of RobotC programming

How to build and operate robots safely and responsibly

Mechanics behind quadcopters, basics of drone design

Controlling the quadcopter by a smart device

Maneuvering the quadcopter and flying techniques



Land/Sea/Air Robotics Club (113): High School Students, Wednesday 5.15pm-6.45pm, $25/per session, Capacity 6 students.

Dates: Feb 18, Feb 25, Mar 4, Mar 11, Mar 18, Mar 25, Apr 15, Apr 22, Apr 29, May 6, May 14 (11 weeks)

An example of Vex Robot, SeaPerch and Drone

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