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The purpose the CLF sponsored Mass Media & Journalism club is to provide a platform of experience and to engage students interested in potential careers in writing, journalism, public relations, politics, and various other forms of mass media or social outreach to enhance their career development, writing skills, and leadership abilities. Club participants will at times, visit local, state, and federal offices to gain valuable insight and information into American politics and process. Due to the responsibilities and level of interaction with general public and public officials, the leadership qualities and character integrity required by all club participants will be exceptionally high. This is an elite club open only to those students that already demonstrate self-respect and respect for others at all times while in school or in the community.​ Club participants will be responsible for assisting in research and writing articles for the CLF seasonal newsletter; this requirement will be met by participating in school events, field trips, seminars, and meeting government leaders at their political offices as well as hosting officials at school events. Further, club participants will engage school stakeholders in their research and planning for upcoming issues related to both news and school events. Either photojournalism, videography, or a combination of visual and writing skills will be required on each story, headline, and event. At the end of a successful Academic year, all club participants will enjoy a celebration in honor of their efforts and individual evaluations will determine reward/awards.   Areas of skill that will be required and further fostered will be: 



  • Communication

  • Time Management

  • Leadership

  • Organizational Management

  • Problem-Solving

  • Creativity (writing, photography, art, culture)

  • Strong Work Ethics

  • Analytical Skills

  • Interpersonal Relations

  • And much more…


Please fill out the application form and turn into CLF Community Partnerships Coordinator. Applications to join can be made at any time during the school year however, only complete applications and students with minimum requirements met will be considered.  Upon capacity, a wait list will be utilized.


Mark Joseph Sutherland
Community Partnerships Coordinator
Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation
6151 Chevy Chase Dr. Laurel, MD 20707

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